Radiant Rose Academy - Akasha and Asun
Mother Akasha

Beloved Akasha

Expansion of Mother Akasha’s
Radiant Rose Academy Decrees

'Mighty Christ I AM'! SEND Oceans of Your Mighty Love Rays into the World, and SEARCH for those beloved hearts who are now ready to awaken to the Great Truth of Life, that can now come into the Great Awareness of the 'Beloved I AM Presence', DISCOVER the Radiant Rose Dispensation of Mother Akasha, become active members of Her Academy, and gain their Freedom! “Beloved I AM”! (3x)

EXPAND! (3x) Mother Akasha’s Radiant Rose Dispensation upon this Earth and the Outpouring of Her Divine Love from the Central Sun, a billion times more each instant of each day!!! “Beloved I AM”! (3x)

'Beloved Christ I AM Presence', Great Host of Ascended Masters, and all Great Beings and Powers of Light! Reach out Your Loving Arms and DRAW into Mother Akasha’s Radiant Rose Academy all earnest sincere seekers of this Light! Charge them with the Ascended Masters Consciousness, Purity, Perfection, and Illumination! Hold them Eternally Loyal to “The Light of God that never fails”, and make all our Classes, Conclaves, and Events such a Blazing Victory of the Light, that it will lift all mankind into their Freedom at once! “Beloved I AM”! (3x)

Beloved Asun

Beloved Lord Asun