Radiant Rose Academy - Akasha and Asun
Mother Akasha

Beloved Akasha

Akasha Is...

AKASHA - is the ROSE PINK RAY to the Earth!

The Divine Mother’s Presence

Akasha for all ages and in all civilizations has been a sacred word representing the tremendous magnetic force of the Mother’s Presence. This force fills all inter-stellar space in the Universe out of which every object, planet and sun is formed in a state of Universal perfection.

Akasha is the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace and as the Divine Will of the Infinite I AM Presence, Her authority extends over all other Flames that come from the Great Central Sun, the Sacred White Fire Flame itself.

Akasha comes from the Great Central Sun and comes to us in different Divine Roles and Expressions. She is a Manu, Silent Watcher/Avatar (alongside Maitreya, Mighty Victory, Surya and Cyclopea) and also one of the 144 Eloah'’s from the Heart of Creation.

There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the Spiritual Hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence of the Rose Pink Flames, including Beloved Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Lady Nada. However the overall authority is Mother Akasha, as She IS the Rose Pink Ray, the Heart and Soul of the Divine Mother’s Presence from the Great Central Sun.

Akasha’s message:

“My message to all the people around the world who are awakening at this time in various spiritual studies and groups, using the major or many minor dispensations currently upon this Earth — — you are at a critical phase of completing your awakening. What stands before you now in this new Seventh Golden Age that begun on December 22, 2012 is the greatest opportunity since the 2nd Golden Age and that is to actually BECOME that which you have awakened to, your great Cosmic Self, the Mighty Christ I AM Presence walking freely upon the earth, as demonstrated some 2000 years ago by Jesus”

Human kind has become so disconnected from their true source, and this has caused such lives of such suffering, distress and limitation. 2012 became a focus point whereby many human beings awakening to their true nature, will begin to guide in one of the most amazing GOLDEN AGES that has ever been upon this earth. The Seventh Golden Age represents the coming to a completion of the limited human consciousness of man, opening the way for awakened human beings to express and live their full Christ consciousness upon the Earth again. This is a time when many of the prophesies of the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel, will be fulfilled and the advancement of all activities of life, will also unfold upon this planet.

May 26th, 2012, begun the great Cosmic activities of this System of Worlds, the Physical Sun, Galaxy, and the Great Central Sun, working with the elements of Planet Earth and the consciousness of humanity, offering people the opportunity to raise themselves up and out of a limited state of being, into the original Divine Consciousness of 'The Majestic Christ I AM Presence'.

Between May 26th and December 21st, 2012 a planetary shift unfolded and Mother Akasha and the Angelic and Ascended Host seek to assist everyone who will respond to the impulses of a new Spiritual Upliftment upon our Planet.

The Ancient Lost Knowledge offers fundamental spiritual practices for humanity. When one awakens and ones own heart guides them to a source of higher knowledge, this will instruct them of the secret chambers and generators hidden deep within the human heart and of the Great Sound, Light and Love Rays.

The most critical information for humanity at this time is the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire. This includes the Royal Purple Violet, Rose Pink, White Fire and Cosmic Blue Flames and more, that the Ascended, Angelic, and one’s own Spiritual Self - 'The Christ I AM Presence', can produce in one’s life.

The Sacred Fire begins to cleanse all fear and discord that has ever registered in our being and world, allowing the Light and higher intelligence of our Spiritual Nature to express more through our Earthly Embodiment.

At this time there are three great Dispensations upon the earth.

1. The Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination brought through the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel some two thousand years ago, offering Light, Illumination and Enlightenment.

2. The Royal Purple Violet Ray, brought through Saint Germain, offering purification, transmutation and transformation and comes from the Heart Flame of our own 'Mighty Christ I AM Presence', that dwells within and above us.

3. The Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace, that now comes from Mother Akasha.

Akasha’s closing words:

“Be determined that you will not be counted amongst those on the Earth whose hearts have closed. Seek to be amongst those who continue to live from their heart and pray deeply for Angelic intervention, that your heart be fully opened, so that the Love of the Mother’s Presence that has long been denied on this planet, may flow through your heart into your life. Seek that your mind be illumined by the Love and Light of your heart.
I AM Akasha and I Love you.”

Beloved Asun

Beloved Lord Asun