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Mother Akasha

Beloved Akasha

Akasha and Asun...Who are They?

Delphi, Mount Parnassus

Beloved Akasha and Asun, Resurrection Rays over Delphi, Mt. Parnassus

Akasha and Asun are Ascended Beings, Universal Chohans from the Great Central Sun of our Universe, who have come to our world along with other Ascended Beings to assist humankind usher in The Seventh Golden Age upon the Earth. As Ascended Masters, They are part of a Divine Plan unfolding now since 2012 preparations of which have been ongoing for some 70,000 years. Their Dispensation to the Earth and all Humanity are the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will, and Grace.

Presently the abide within the Higher Dimensions or Octaves of our Planet and Solar System with others of the Ascended and Angelic Host. They are here to assist us in our awakening and resurrection back into our true Glorious Spiritual Nature and to live the Higher Christ Consciousness as Creator Beings. They are providing the current Ascended Master Instruction or Teachings that were once available only in the Ancient Himalayan Mystery Schools. These Teachings include the vital knowledge of all the Activities of the Sacred Fire that one can use for their freedom and resurrection. They have come to assist us in our 'Journey of Becoming' our True God Self as we existed long ago when we first came to the Earth. They are part of a Divine Plan to deliver Four of the Great Flames of the Sacred Fire to the Earth to awaken and raise all humankind and the Earth into Christ Consciousness.

Mother Akasha is one of 4 Great Flames to the Earth

As Jesus Christ Emanuel came to the Earth as the Golden Flame of all Christ Illumination, the Great Master Presence of Mother/Father God Source opened the way for our Sacred Journey back to our true God Nature by providing the Great Light Aspect of our Divinity. Now Jesus Christ offers us His Golden Heart Flame to assist the illumination of our human consciousness back into our Christ Consciousness.

Next came the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain who in the last century opened the way for the Ascended Master Knowledge previously available only in the ancient Mystery Schools, to be released to the people of Earth when He made His appearance in America. As the Great Cosmic Angel Deva of the 'Royal Purple Violet Flame', Saint Germain was one of the first in modern times to begin teaching of The 'I AM Presence' and the Sacred Fire, especially the Royal Purple Violet Flame.

Next in the 1940's came the Great Archangel Michael with His Great Cosmic Christ Blue Flame and Rays to begin the purification process of our Earth and all Her Kingdoms. This work will intensify and expand once more of Humanity uses their own free will that purity is what all truly desire.

And finally, in 1994, did Mother Akasha come to some in the outer world and begin Her preparations to usher in Her Rose Pink Flames of Divine, Love Will, and Grace...the Mother's Presence. Archangel Michael and Saint Germain are providing the Cosmic Blue and Royal Purple Violet Flames for Purification, Healing, Forgiveness, Transmutation and more. Beloved Jesus and Beloved Akasha are providing the Spiritual Polar Aspects of Life and the Sacred Fire: the Golden Flame, Light, Divine Mind, and the Rose Pink Flame, Love, Divine Heart, and Soul.

The discourses, the love, the Presence of Mother Akasha and Lord Asun invoke the lost wisdom and love of a Higher Consciousness and lead us to that place within ourselves where our own answers are found, empowering us to know and trust the Master Presence that dwells within each person.

With the healing assistance, wisdom and presence of Akasha and Asun, hundreds of thousands of people have now experienced a whole new freedom in their lives. The Transmissions that come forth from Beloved Akasha and Asun and the Ascended Masters through Usa and Excalibur are messages for life in the new millennium and are leading many to fully embody a state of Divine Grace and Higher Consciousness. Akasha and Asun bring forth a nurturing, tangible radiance of Divine Love and Light that envelops everyone at Their events as well as being felt in the Live recordings of Their messages. Their presence is truly supportive in our lives.

King Melchior and Queen Alicia (who today is the Goddess of Light) were Asun's Father and Mother. Akasha's first embodiment was in Delphi. Her Physical Garment was formed by the House of Melchizedek and was not created on the Earth.

Beloved Asun

Beloved Lord Asun