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Radiant Rose Academy - Akasha and Asun
Mother Akasha

Beloved Akasha

A message from the Heart of God Tabor - God of the Mountains Earth/Gaia

Archangel Michael Earth Changes 'You can make a tremendous difference'

Ascended Masters' world message regarding the Earth changes

Restoring the Original Divine Blue Print of every seed/cell, The harm behind GMO foods

Planet Earth, Gaia Shifting - Daily Call/decree to the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters

Clarion Call Decree Sets


To view the documents in the PDF format, make sure Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer. Download the free Adobe Reader here. For support, email rrateleconferences@live.com.

Calls for Earth (Version 1): Download PDF file Here
Middle East and Arab Countries (Version 1): Download PDF file Here

Beloved Asun

Beloved Asun

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