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'I AM' Meditation ~ Comprehending the Mystical words 'I AM, the Holy Grail'

~Beloved Mother Akasha~ In your years of awakening you have understood and have come to discern that you have a higher spiritual aspect to yourself and in the Great Realms of Light we refer to that higher aspect of you as your 'Mighty Christ I AM’, and this is not only your own true divine nature, it is your own Individualized Presence of Mother Father God (the 'Infinite I AM God Presence) that you can call upon to draw forth all the perfection you desire and require into your outer self, form, and manifestation, and also is the means by which you may evolve yourself into a fully Resurrected Christ Being one day.

Also you have come to understand a much kinder, generous, and saner understanding of God, then what the religions of the world offer, and inherent is the understanding of those mighty words, “I AM that I AM”.

The great mystery of God or Godsource, and what you understand as Mother/Father God are what we would call the ‘Infinite I AM Father Presence’ and the ‘Infinite I AM Mother Presence’ and your own personal ‘Mighty Christ I AM Spiritual Self’ is the offspring, the individualization or even more perfectly said, the Individualized Union or Replication of the ‘Infinite I AM God Presence’ Mother/Father God.

 So you have come to know in your own great awakening, two aspects revealed, formally hidden in the great words ‘I AM THAT I AM’; your own Individualized ‘Christ I AM Self’ that is the Source of your life on Earth and also your Source of Perfection, and the 'Infinite I AM God Presence’ referring to the Heavenly Mother Father Presence of our Universe. Now we study the nature of ‘The Impersonal I AM’ for our understanding of the words ‘I AM that I AM’, is not complete until you comprehend the mystical sacred triangle within those mighty words ‘I AM’. Please follow the links on left panel to discover more.

Beloved Asun

Beloved Lord Asun