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Radiant Rose Academy - Akasha and Asun


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Special Dates

**Regarding the Spiritual Hierarchy of the 'Logos' of our Solar System, Lord Kuthumi is now our Planetary Logos, Beloved Sanat Kumara returns to His Service as Solar Logos representing all Planets of our Solar System, and Mighty Helios continues His Service as Solar Logos representing our Physical Sun!**

The Indigo Ray over-lights the First 7 Years of the 7th Golden Age

May 22, 2014
Outpouring of Light begins (2014)
Nov 27, 2014 Outpouring of Light begins (2014)
Dec 21, 2012 Electronic Force of Cosmic Christ Blue Flames Grid Activated in 3 Americas
Dec 22, 2012 The Seventh Golden Age begins
Dec 22, 2012 Lord Kuthumi is raised to Planetary Logos for Earth
Dec 22, 2012 Princess Leto is raised to World Teacher for Earth
Dec 28, 2012 Beloved Akasha is raised Ascended Master Elect for Earth
" Student Body is raised into Radiant Rose Souls
" Student Body to be raised into new 7 year Cycles
" Universal Crystal Power Grid in Himalayas to be Re-Activated
Sept. 1, 2010 Begins Path of Resurrection for Beloved Students who are awakening at this time.
April 13, 2009 Begins a new phase of Jesus Christ's Ministry, part of the Divine Plan, The Path of Resurrection, as important as the last 3 years of His ministry on the earth
1889 The Ascension of Lord Kuthumi
1898 The Ascension of El Morya

Feb 20 Ray O Light Day — 33 days, a Great Outpouring each year
May 1st Saint Germain Ascension Anniversary (1684)
May 1st
Lord Buddha's life: 624-544 BC
He returned for His Ascension: 422/399
Buddha's Enlightenment and Ascension is celebrated on the day of the first full Moon of May each year.
May 10 Honor the Mother Presence
May 15 Lord Maha Chohan Ascension Anniversary
May 9
Jesus Christ Ascension Anniversary
May 25 Akasha’s Ascension Anniversary
July 22 Mary Magdalena Ascension, Year 72AD
July 26 Lady Anna Ascension (Grandmother of Christ)
Aug 9 Radiant Rose Pink Ray Day
Aug 12 Ashaya Shelley Carter’s Ascension Anniversary
Aug 15 Mary, Mother of Emanuel’s Ascension Anniversary
Aug 18 Resurrection Day
Oct 5 Asun’s Ascension Anniversary
Nov 11 Melchizedek’s Ascension Anniversary
Nov 29 Power Day each month, new Ray of the Month begins


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