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Radiant Rose Academy - Akasha and Asun
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Welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy

Live Well, Speak Kindly, Care Deeply, Love Generously


1. This website will close August 4th. Our new website RadiantRoseAcademy.com will be live on that same day. We sent you a very important email on July 22nd requesting you to opt-in to our new Newsletter system (by clicking on "Confirm your information" button) in order to receive a follow up newsletter with guidelines to setup your profile account and subscription on our new website.

For those of you who did not receive our July 22nd email, and would like to receive the guidelines for setting up your account on our new site, please email us at webmaster@akashaonline.com and provide your First and Last name, and your email address. 

2. LIVE PLANETARY CALLS / DATE CHANGE. We would like to inform you that the Monthly Live Planetary Calls with our Beloved Excalibur will now take place on Tuesday Aug 11th at the regularly scheduled time (rather than Tuesday Aug 4th). Please mark your calendars accordingly so that you don't miss this grand opportunity to be of service to our beloved Planet, all her kingdoms, blessed humanity, and our Spiritual Hierarchy! Blessings of the Mother's Love.

The Arrival of of the I AM Race to the Earth, by Goddess Himalaya, the Evening Rose

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Toll Free Number for the Academy: 1-855-772-0985
(For Canada and the United States)

Beloved Asun

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